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¡Pura Vida!

Pura vida is the motto of Costa Rica.  It’s more than just a saying.  It’s a lifestyle.  It has no boundaries…

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Monkeys and Space

Today we discovered that Earth University – La Flor is not all mangos and sugar cane (though we were treated to the latter today). La Flor is reaching for the stars by hosting Ad Astra, a spaceflight engineering company. The space center is located at the entrance of La Flor’s campus, and also has a center at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston (so yes, it’s kind of a big deal). In a nutshell, Ad Astra is striving to send a plasma fueled rocket to mars in just 39 days. It would take a gas fueled rocket up to 8 months. Pretty cool stuff.

So, what have we experienced so far in Costa Rica? Allow me to give you a laundry list of details:

  • A hostel in San Jose, where Sean was convinced he wanted to live…until we went to the resort two days later.
  • A 6 hour hike to a waterfall where we went swimming and laughed like the children of the von Trapp family when they went dancing in hills that were alive with Maria.
  • A mud bath with La Mascota, which we later learned means ‘The Pet’ in spanish, and is not the name of the species.
  • Washing the mud off in natural hot springs (stressful part of the trip). La Mascota was not invited, but he watched.
  • A 3,000 foot waterslide followed by a canopy tour of the zip lines. Matt H. felt one with the monkeys by holding onto the trees for dear life.
  • One fat lip. Linda shall remain nameless.
  • A morning of chewing on sugar cane and filming mangos.
  • Drinking Cristal with every meal.
  • Shouting “Pura Vida” with our loyal bus driver, Benicio.

Don’t worry, we have done some work too.

Pura Vida.

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A Day at Buena Vista Lodge

Posted by: imediabroad | January 10, 2010

Animal Sighting: La Mascota

Costa Rica brought us a special treat today. No, it’s not more monkeys. Today, we saw…..La Mascota.

For those of you who can’t habla español…that means “the pet.” La Mascota is a mountain pig that roams the grounds of the Buena Vista Lodge.

We only had a few hours together, but the time we shared with La Mascota was priceless. He is one of us, we are one of him. ¡Pura Vida!

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Animal Sighting: Monkey Two

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Animal Sighting: Monkey

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Hace Calor en La Flor

Costa Rica’s Earth University – La Flor is currently hosting ten of Elon University’s Interactive Media Students for nine days. The students are working closely with Earth to help promote the school’s programs and principles by enhancing their presence on the web.

Earth University is a private, international, non-profit university dedicated to education in the agricultural sciences and natural resources in order to contribute to sustainable development in the tropics by seeking a balance between agricultural production and environmental preservation. Earth University’s philosophy is built on five principles: clean energy, clean water, clean environment, info-technology, and enterprise-entrepreneurship.

The La Flor campus is dedicated to the generation of innovative ideas aiming to promote development through an entrepreneurial spirit, social justice, technological innovation and the creation of alternatives to protect the environment. This site plays host to Earth University students as well as students from around the world for abroad opportunities. La Flor strives to have its students meet four objectives:

1.) Exhibit to participants the natural scenes in order to understand the ecology of the environment that surrounds us.
2.) Present the impacts that our ecosystems suffer from due to the improper management of our natural resources.
3.) Sensitive to participants in order to understand that with simple actions that are developed in our communities, we make a difference.
4.) Facilitate the opportunity for each participant to discover their scientific potential from inside.

La Flor has encouraged Elon’s students to enjoy and experience all Costa Rica has to offer, so that we can better understand the principles Earth was founded on. Included in the blog our videos and images of our experiences in Costa Rica, from zip lines to nature walks, this multimedia blog will not only capture your attention, but also capture your heart.

Pura Vida.