Posted by: imediabroad | January 11, 2010

Monkeys and Space

Today we discovered that Earth University – La Flor is not all mangos and sugar cane (though we were treated to the latter today). La Flor is reaching for the stars by hosting Ad Astra, a spaceflight engineering company. The space center is located at the entrance of La Flor’s campus, and also has a center at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston (so yes, it’s kind of a big deal). In a nutshell, Ad Astra is striving to send a plasma fueled rocket to mars in just 39 days. It would take a gas fueled rocket up to 8 months. Pretty cool stuff.

So, what have we experienced so far in Costa Rica? Allow me to give you a laundry list of details:

  • A hostel in San Jose, where Sean was convinced he wanted to live…until we went to the resort two days later.
  • A 6 hour hike to a waterfall where we went swimming and laughed like the children of the von Trapp family when they went dancing in hills that were alive with Maria.
  • A mud bath with La Mascota, which we later learned means ‘The Pet’ in spanish, and is not the name of the species.
  • Washing the mud off in natural hot springs (stressful part of the trip). La Mascota was not invited, but he watched.
  • A 3,000 foot waterslide followed by a canopy tour of the zip lines. Matt H. felt one with the monkeys by holding onto the trees for dear life.
  • One fat lip. Linda shall remain nameless.
  • A morning of chewing on sugar cane and filming mangos.
  • Drinking Cristal with every meal.
  • Shouting “Pura Vida” with our loyal bus driver, Benicio.

Don’t worry, we have done some work too.

Pura Vida.



  1. I am impressed you all are familiar with Maria and the Von Trapp family. The Sound of Music is one of Phillip’s favorite movies.
    La Mascota looks like a gem.

  2. Love the laundry list! Packing for a vacation to Costa Rica tonight!

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